Dry Skin Care in Winter For Women

As your skin is living organs and keeps on regenerate with your growth so it needs proper care. If you do not pay any attention to your skin care, it begins to get more and more damaged and the process of regeneration becomes extremely slow. The rough and the dead cells of your skin will make you look older than your age. In winter season, your skin needs more time and care. The improper skin care in winter has negative affects on your outlook. Read this article to explore the various ways to take proper care of your skin either it is dry or oily.

  • The first and foremost thing is to know what type of skin you have. It can be of four types: dry, oily, normal or combination. The sensitivity level of skin can also be different of every person. Knowing the skin type will help you a lot in treating it in proper way.
  • If your skin has strong tendency towards dehydration and lacks oil, it is considered dry. It also lacks elasticity in extreme cases. To treat the dry skin, you have to cleanse your face with a creamy cleanser daily in winter. Wash it off with warm water. Pat it dry. Use a toner regularly to lessen the dehydration effect of drying skin. Do not use the make up products that have alcohol in them because it has extremely drying effect. In the cold nights of winter, before going to sleep, apply a cream based, lotion on your skin to keep it rejuvenated.
  • If you have oily skin, it usually shines a lot after washing. It has comparatively large pores. It is more prone to blackheads, pimples and whitehead than the other skin types. It tends to attract more dust particles than dry skin. The good thing about it is that it becomes less oily during winters. To treat the oily skin, you have to ash it at least twice a day. Use non foaming cleanser to cleanse your sin everyday. Oil blotting sheets will lessen the shine on your skin throughout the day. Use a light moisturize at night.
  • Sun rays are also damaging in winters. Make a routine to apply sun screen lotion whenever you want to go outdoors. Sun screen is the foundation of youth.
  • Whether you have oily or dry skin, cleansing and exfoliating is must. Exfoliate your skin at least once a week in winter.
  • The most important thing to have healthy and fresh skin throughout the year is to live a healthy and natural food. Avoid fast food. Drink a lot of water even in winter. Quit smoking and alcohol intake. Add more and more vegetables and fruits to your diet. Reduce stress and tension. Have proper sleep at night.

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