How to Dry Nail Polish Instantly

Nail polish is the important part of makeup and with out it women feel uncompleted herself. So they apply different shades of nail polish and now the new trend introduce related to nail polish that is draw some flowers or beautiful prints on nails with help on nail paint .Especially young girls like to apply this stylish nail paint but with the lack of time they want to dry nail paint fast. The topic here we discuss today related to nail paint named by How to dry nail polish instantly. Some time may be you going instantly in a function then one, s can not wait for dry nail paint, so here we tell you some tips to dry nail pain very quickly.

How to dry nail paint instantly

One’s can use different tricks to dry nail paint like cold water, hair dryer ,cooking spry, heat so on.

Put hands in freezer

If you want to dry nail polish earlier then put hands in the freezer for few minutes. This is one of the easiest ways to dry nail paints quickly.

Ice water

Take a bowl of ice water dip your finger nail in the bowl for few minutes.

Hair dryer

One’s can dry nail paint by using blow dryer fast.

Use dry products

Use dry products to dry nail paints very fast.


Candles are available mostly in every house and use it drying nail paint. Put your hands on the heat of candle for few seconds.

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