Different Body Types and Clothing that Flatters

Though it is important to keep your body in shape yet there are ways to make sure that your body is looking its best, no matter what your weight is. If you dress up according to your body type, you will look finest with your perfect appearance. But unfortunately most of the women do not consider their body type while shopping for their outfits. It is actually essential to analyze your body type before buying any dress because to look good or bad has nothing to do wit the brand and price of the dress. It just depends on the suitability of the dress with your body type.

There are types of clothes that will flatter you and there are also some types of clothes in which you look terrible. You need to know in which category you fall into so that you can buy those clothes that highlight your positives and cover the parts that you want to hide. There are 8 common body types. Here are the features and tips for choosing the clothes according these body types.

1: The Bell Body Type:

Many women fall in this category as they grow old. This body type epitomizes those who are small up top, get larger through stomach, waist. The best way to look best with this body type, you have to balance the top and lower body by adding height to your shoulders. Wear shoulder pads or choose boxy style tops. This will make your shoulders seems equal to your lower body. You should also try wrapping tops like tunics and Kaftaans. It will cover the extra fat of your body.

2. Lollipop Body Type:

These types of women are blessed with the most beautiful shape of body. They are smart from waist to the bottom and big in the bust. Their, stomach, and legs are thin. If you are uncomfortable with thin legs, you should choose full length dresses that will balance your upper and lower body. You can also try bell bottom pants that will lessen the thin appearance of legs.

3. The Column Body Type:

The women being column body type are blessed with slim and smart figure from top to bottom. They can choose every type of dress that they like because they can look best in them.

4. The Cello Body Type:

If you are more healthier, you fall in this category. May be you are not over weight and tiny at the waist but your bust and behind is heavy. You should avoid the clothes that are too fit because they might cling those areas that you want to hide.

5. Cornet Body Type:

If you have slender figure with tight tummy, you have cornet body type. The cornet body has thin, broad shoulders with little busts, tiny waist and along with thin legs. Mostly tall and low weight women have this body type. You should wear the clothes to that accentuate.

6. Skittle Body Type:

A tiny top with the curve bottom is featured as skittle body type. For this body type you should choose skirts that make your look heavy. You can wear deep V necklines that will add cleavage to your tiny busts. Or wear square shaped or boxy top that will balance your top with your heavy body.

7: Vase Body Types:

If you balanced out thighs, you have vase body type. You can experiment with any of the looks because most of them are made for you and look best on your body type. You can wear tight fitted dresses to enhance your figure and jackets will also work if you want to cover a bit.

8. Goblet Body Type:

Those who have wide shoulders and are thin at the bottom fall in this category. Those women have to accentuate long, thin and slender legs. Wear long skirts or high waists pants that will balance out your lower body. Wear V neck shirts that suit more.

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