Diet plan during pregnancy first, second trimester

A pregnant woman required more energy food includes vitamins and minerals. Thats why Diet plan during pregnancy first, second trimester is important to follow. The first trimester is very important for a pregnant woman because during this time period your body face hormonal changes. On that time you need something unique nutrition needs and follow qualified professional for an individualized nutrition plan.

The First Trimester Diet Plan

The first trimester diet plan during pregnancy should become small, frequent meals. A pregnant lady take five small meals just like breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack, dinner and a bedtime snack instead  of eating three time a day because five time eating meal keep you energetic and one can feel better. Always eat breakfast and don’t skip it because in the result of breakfast skipping increase the risk of a dangerous condition called ketosis. A pregnant lady encouraged to eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, iron, calcium and carbohydrate.

The first three months is very important because during this time period your baby develop organs and grow quickly, so on that time eat good food for the best growth of your baby. During the first trimester you should eat such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, whole grain and lean protein, which contain a lot of minerals, vitamins, folic acid ,iron, dairy products and calcium.

Second Trimester Diet Plan

The first trimester is the significance of baby growth and during this time period women often suffer morning sickness but the second trimester women feel hungry. An important thing which you remember that you are not eating for two in your second trimester you need only 3oo extra calories per day.

You required meat, chicken, eggs and beans are all excellent sources of protein, which is necessary for your baby growth during the second trimester. You also need calcium for the best growth of bones and teeth and the main source of calcium are dairy products.

Balance Diet:

During your second trimester you eat balance diet of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, dairy products, lean meats and healthy fats. In every meal take a small serving of three types of food group. In your breakfast you should take wheat toast, eggs, fruits, glass of milk.

In your lunch you can salad of eggs, kidney beans, grilled chicken light oil. Beside these include a snake and this good idea for you and its very easy to meal it. You also take yogurt some kinds of fruits and a glass of milk.

In your dinner you take something simple food like pasta, chapatti, tossed salad a glass of milk also necessary in the dinner meal and add some kind of fruits also because you feel hungry instead of other days. So this is a right place where one can find out the diet plan of first and second trimester during pregnancy.

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