Diet Plan for Rehabilitation of Lung Cancer Patients

Patients recovering from lungs cancer are guided to follow an established plan to maintain good health that includes healthy weight, no intake of drugs, no smoking and above all eating a balanced diet. They are also recommended to have cancer screening tests. Many patient do not believe that certain foods and nutrients can help in the worsening and recovery from is difficult to find a direct relation between food and rehabilitation of lung cancer but it is true that diet of a lung cancer patient plays an important role in rehabilitation. Read this article to find out the diet plan that is good for lung cancer patient and the things that he has to avoid.

Things to Avoid:

A lung cancer patient should avoid fishy smells, greasy and spicy meals. Smoking and drinking the most harmful and sometimes become life taking for lung cancer patient. So, it is important to avoid them for good. Avoid pungent and spicy food like onion, garlic, ginger, chili etc.

Diet that Benefits the Lung Cancer Patients:

  • You can take foods that enhance immunity and are anti- cancerous such as sweet almonds, sea cucumber, jelly fish, green beans, mushrooms, walnut and Chinese yam etc.
  • You should eat food which can reduce the side effects of radiotherapy or chemotherapy for instance mushrooms, walnut seeds, mung bean, green tea, carb, apples, kiwi and etc.
  • When you have cough with profuse sputum, you should eat radish, mustard, almonds, orange peel, olive, kelp, pine nuts, and sesame and so on.
  • If you feel fever, you should eat cucumber, pineapple, eggplant, orange, pear lemon and olives etc.
  • Lung cancer patient can also eat sugar cane, bean curd, kelp, lotus seeds, plum, roots of lotus, milk and etc.
  • Avoid grilled and fried fruits.
  • Do not eat sticky and greasy foods.

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