How to Destroy Your Brain with Bad Habits

A human brain is the precious gift of Almighty and is the center of the human nervous system. Our brain looks like a cauliflower and consist 100 billion nerve cells which help us to think, plan, talk, imagine, and so much more. The brain has two cerebral hemispheres. First hemisphere take care one side of the body and second hemisphere takes care of the other side and vice versa. From this information you can also think the brain of human is sensitive. So we keep our brain healthy but in some cases we destroy our brain with bad habits. This is a place here you can find out the information about that thing are destroyed human brain. Our topic here we discuss is related to human brain named by how to destroy your brain with bad habits. The things that destroy brain just like bad eating habit, skipping breakfast, smoking, sleeping pills, and alcohol ,overeating, High Sugar Consumption, Cholesterol, Dehydration so on.

How to Destroy Your Brain with Bad Habits

Skipping breakfast

Don’t skip your breakfast in the morning because it wills the cause of decline in blood sugar levels. This is only due to the lack of food which really ended in the decline of the brain. Breakfast should not be heavy; it could be a glass of fresh fruit juice or milk, a boiled egg and a cup of tea.

Over eating

Avoid over eating because over eating can harden the arteries of the brain that destroy the mental power


Smoking is a bad habit and the causes of different diseases like cancer and other health issues and also kills the brain tissue.


Cholesterol decreases blood flow and at the end when healthy flow of blood does not receive brain then brain cells killed. So this is the causes of heart attack, high blood pressure and many more.

Sleeping pills

Mostly people eat sleeping pills instead of natural sleep. So avoid this bad habit because it damages the brain.

Alcohol is a very bad habit which destroys brain and the persons who drinks, found in two common deficiencies thiamine (vitamin b1) and magnesium. Thiamine deficiency causes decreased mental alertness, emotional instability, confusion, memory loss, and decreased coordination. So always avoid this bad habit.

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