Bridesmaids Dresses for Different Body Types

Choosing Bridesmaid dresses sometimes become very difficult because you have to make all of the women happy and also have to consider the body shapes. Here is guide for you to help you out in finding the perfect bridesmaid dress according to different body types.

Straight Sheath or A line Dress:

This dress will make the bridesmaid look elongate and hide the extra heavy tops and bulgy bellies. Try open trendy necklines with straps or strapless style with drop sleeves.

An Empire Waist Dress:

The bridesmaids having boxy body with bulgy belly and large hips can look attractive with empire waist dress. It has a high waist and a flare down t the floor. So, it hides the heavy parts of the body and gives the stylish appearance. These dresses are cut at the mid section making an empire silhouette. It is an excellent choice for someone who needs an extra loose fabric around the tummy to hide the bulge.

The Ball Gown:

It is quite feminine style dress for bridesmaids having slim body shapes. It balances out the overall silhouette. The strapless ball gown is best choice for pear shape bridesmaid. It covers the lower heavy bottom and highlights the upper body.

Strapless or Neckline Straight Across the Front:

Those who have heavy and large busts will look best in strapless or any neckline that goes across the front. They will draw the attention to the shoulders and give support across the bust line. The crisscross necklines and haters look best in those who are slim on the top.

For Full Figured or Rectangle Body Types:

Those who are full figured like apple or rectangular body types can look attractive in strapless or off shouldered dresses. All gowns with bare neckline and a nipped in waist give a slimmer look. Avoid slim, column dresses they will accent extra inches.

For Tall Brides Maids:

Tall women look good in every type of dresses such as in column, ball, and empire or princess dress. Fitted bodies sand open necklines accentuate the color bones. But avoid the dresses with long or ¾ sleeves because they add extra height to the wearer.

For Curvy Shaped Brides Maids:

The Bride maids having curvy body shapes look wonderful in mermaid or trumpet gowns because they flatter the curvy figure and make them look more beautiful and elegant.

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