Bobbi Brown Makeup Brush Set with Roll Pouch Price

Latest price of Bobbi Brown Makeup Brush Set with Roll Pouch is given there. This set includes number of brushes that are enough to give a professional look and with quick application result. In short this is enough to fulfill the whole requirements of women at home. Now it’s not need to go anywhere and spend too much rupees on single makeup. Here important thing is that price of this set is not too much high because it’s also a major issue that majority of women thinks that their prices are high and they avoid to buy them. Further price of this set is also updated here on this page.

Brushes that include in this Set: Six brushes: Concealer, Foundation, Face Blender, Eye Shadow, Eye Liner and Eye Brow.

Price: £144.00

One can also get this makeup set by booking it online. This time an offer is also announced for online shopping whose detail is given as.

Receive Free Standard Delivery and a Customized Gift of your choice with every £50 Orders. For this there is not any need to subscription one just goes online and get this offer.  These gifts can include:

  • Free Mini Foundation Brush
  • Free Returns on Foundations, Concealers & Powders
  • Talk To an Artist

Roll Pouch:

Roll Pouch is not available with Makeup Brush Set for this one just need to spend something extra who price is given as below.

 Basic Brush Case: £36.50

Caring of brushes is too much important so one must buy thus brush pouch because without this pouch it’s too much difficult to care these sensitive brushes. While this pouch is prepared according to brushes size so thy are arranged in good way.

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