Best Yoga for Dark Circles under Eyes

Best Yoga for Dark Circles under Eyes is the way for which one can get rid of dark circle without using medicine. Everyone in the world wants to look beautiful and smart. Everyone looks like a famous celebrities and wants to famous about their beauty. But dark circles are a big hurdle between you and your beauty in short life. Dark circles make your life full of problems and due to this you making look like tired. Dark circles are dark blemishes seen around any parts of body. Mostly dark circles see around the eyes on the human faces. This is common problem in men and women and also children’s.

Dark circles under the eyes can be related to your skin or other of causes including lake of sleeping, excessive stress, dehydration and iron deficiencies. Another cause of dark circles is lake of oxygen and not proper blood circulation. Another big and common causes mostly usage of computer, watch T.V and poor diet. There are so many ways to get rid of dark circles but Yoga is one of the best ways to get rid of the dark circles.

The Yoga exercise is very useful now a day’s rather than use heavy medicines and waste heavy amount to get rid of the darks circles. Yoga can be right and easy exercise to get rid of dark circles and makes you beautiful, healthy, fresh and happy. Yoga is very effective and simple exercise against the dark circles.

  • The first method of yoga is known as Hastapadotasana (standing forward bend pose).This method is stretched out the all nervous system and muscles and makes the muscles strong and increase the circulation of blood on your face. This method is very helpful to get rid of the dark circles.
  • Another method of yoga is known to be Viparitakarani (legs-up-the-wall). This exercise not only the increase of blood but also blood flow on your face and head. Due to this exercise quick get rid of the dark circles.

Another method of yoga is also called Sambhvi Mudra. This type of exercise helps to stretch the muscles around the eyes and calm down your mind and helps to relax to your face. This exercise keeps your breath normal and also this method closed your eyes and gradually opens the eyes.

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