Best Tips to Lose Weight in Winter

Winter season comes with the variety of delicious and tasty foods but some of it is highly weight gaining and is dense in fats and calories. Here we have suggested the food is not only tasty but also burn the calories and is less fattening. These foods curb cravings to eat more and are also perfect for cold winter.

Best Tips to Lose Weight in Winter are given there..

  • A hot bowl of oatmeal is a best diet in winter. It contains large amount of nutrients and photo chemicals. It also satisfies you to full and provides lasting energy. It is the best to take oatmeal in the breakfast so that you will take less calorie in lunch.
  • A PHD nutrition professor says “Water adds weight and volume without adding calories”. Food with high water contents includes soups, fruits, vegetables and cereals.
  • Eat as much citrus fruits as you want because it is refreshing and energizing without any fats and calories. The fiber and Vitamin C in citrus fruits cleanse your skin and improves digestion which is important for weight lose.
  • Add protein to you diet which will satisfy you but stick to lean protein. Do not go for fatty and high amount of calorie containing meat and dairy products.
  • Egg is considered to be complete diet. You can make an omelets with egg whites and eat it in the cold winter mornings with one cup of hot skimmed milk.
  • Sea foods are also the specialty of winter season. Use steamed or boiled fish in dinner.
  • Eat bean salad to your full. You can also take bean soup in the evening.
  • You can eat skinless chicken breast with any of your favorite seasoning.
  • Try eating at least one of winter fruits with every meal during the day. It will fill you up. It also prevents flu and winter cold and boosts your immune system.
  • Avoid eating the fried snacks like samosas, chips, pasteries, deep fried chickens and many other fast foods which become more tempting in winter because the idea of eating warm food is comforting in winters. This change of habit will help in loosing weight in winter.
  • Winter also makes you lazy and you want to keep seated in front of heater or remain in a comforter throughout the day. It leads to weight gain. You have to be active and do physical activities to provide warmth to your body. Go for a walk when sun is out and join gym and go for a yoga classes which will be beneficial in loosing weight.

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