Best Shoes Match to Wear with Pencil, Long, Short Maxi Skirt

After some seasons of extremely short and mini skirt parading around, the length of skirt has been changed from the last year. Being an incredibly practical and comfortable fashion trend long or maxi skirts are mostly liked because this dress is perfect for almost all types of occasions depending of it design and pattern. The best thing about maxi long skirt is that it flatters all body types. The pencil skirts, a few inches lower than knees are long in fashion and girls with smart and long legs like to wear it. Read this article to get proper guide for footwear that you can wear with pencil skirts and long maxi skirts.

Best Shoes Match to Wear with Pencil, Long, Short Maxi Skirt

Best Shoes to Wear with Pencil Skirts:

For some semi formal occasions or partly with friends, you can wear legato heels with pencil skirt which has already given an elongated length to your legs. This stiletto heels shoes will made your leg more slender, long and attractive. You can wear long shoes with smart look along with pencil skirt that will also add style to your look and will be perfect choice for outdoor party, dinner and picnic. You should always choose court shoes style or semi open front with pencil skirts.

Do not wear sandals or open shoes that do not suit with this smart elegant skirt style. If your legs are already short, avoid ankle straps or T straps because they make your legs shorter. If you have heavy hips and thighs, pencil skirt may not flatter your body type. Go for long maxi skirts.

Best Shoes to Wear with Long Maxi Skirts:

Footwear that is worn wit long maxi skirts largely depends on the occasions or place where you have to go. For day time, you can wear comfortable sandals, sneakers, or flat slippers. You should opt for sandals with wedge heels that look stunning with maxi skirts. But for night time occasions, go for more sophisticated footwear such as ankle boots, peep toes, clog and sandal boots. You can also consider sneakers or sandals with wide straps. But the most recommended footwear for long maxi skirts are boots because they look great with maxi skirts.

You can choose between high or low heeled boots and leather or suede boots. Never wear long skirts with dress shoes because they look really awkward. Tight opaque hose with shoes seem to complete your overall look from skirt to foot. The most important thing is to consider the shape and comfort level of footwear that is easy to wear with long maxi.

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