Best Poses to Take Pictures at Wedding for Brides and Bridesmaid

Apart from traditional bridal party portraits and couple shoot, consider a few of these photo pose ideas, that you must have photographs on your wedding with your bridesmaid to capture all the memorable moments of your wedding. These group shoots with bridesmaids will make a lot of fun and make you nostalgic after a long time of your happily married life.

Best Poses to Take Pictures at Wedding for Brides and Bridesmaid:

  • Have a picture of the group of bridesmaids with the bride standing in her simple look in the centre and all the bridesmaids dresses u in similar dresses on both sides of bride with face forward and bodies at one side. All having cute smiles on their faces. Take this picture before the bride goes for makeover with the natural glow on her face.
  • A funny and enjoyable photo pose for the bridesmaids along with the brides can be on the open roof car on which you are going to ride the bride to the beauty salon. You can have bunches of fresh flowers in your hands as photo props on your hands. With bride sitting prominently in the centre and bride maids sitting in windows and few inside the car around the bride with the charming smile on their faces, take the picture and add to your wedding memories.
  • When all the bridesmaids are ready in their same dresses and brides   in her traditional white wedding gown. Capture a photo with bride standing one step forward with the net veil on her face and bridesmaid making a row one step back from the bride with their right hands on their waists. It will make the best group photograph that you can get enlarged after wedding.
  • You can have a sophisticated and sexy photo pose for you and your bridesmaids with bride in centre. Back towards the camera and face lifted up with eye focused the flashlight. All the bridesmaids around with the same pose in their unique dress. Now capture this exclusive pose with all the beauty enclosed in the camera.
  • Have a pose inspired by the hilarious” Bridesmaids” movie. Give the expressions of high attitude. Bride standing in the centre with both hands on her waist on either sides with lifted chin and face forward. All the bridesmaids standing equally on both sides with each giving her exclusive attitude filled pose. Click the flash to save the dozens of attitudes in your record of wedding.

Apart from these innovative poses, make any pose that is natural and funny. Do not go for typical mechanical poses.

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