Best Nail Polish Colors For Women Over 50 40

Most of the older women don’t think that nail polish is an essential factor in their anti-aging arsenal but the fact is that few colors works well for adding or subtracting the age of women from the seeming age of their hands. Make sure that as women grow older their nails should be shorter and well groomed. Take good care of your nails and hands as both can enlighten the age if not properly maintained and manicured. Right nail color makes your hand younger looking and brighter. Generally it is assumed that bright color is perfect for all age women. In this article few best shades for women over 50 and 40 are shared that might help them to make their hands tanner, thinner and younger.

  • Chic Colors

Avoid using the chic colors like silver, golden, light green, light blue and yellow colors these colors makes the hands sickly and swallow.

  • Orange

Orange color is also not suitable for every old age women but it is good for women having medium skin tone.

  • Blue Tones

Blue tones work well if a woman is having bluish veins, along with this blue-toned plum, greens and reds also perfect for aging hands as experts mentioned that these colors emphasizes the hands veins.

  • Neutrals Colors

Neutral colors like light whites, baby pinks and nudes make longer finger by bringing a classic elegant touch to the whole hand. It is recommended that pair nude colors with the foundation it gives a soother effects to the aging hands.

  • Choose Dark Nail Colors Wisely

If the women is having Dark Age spots on the hands be careful about these dark nail colors such as black, dark brown, purple and deeps especially during the winter season as these colors enlighten the dark spots. So during the winter season go with the creamy plum, burgundy colors

  • Pink

Pink is the shade for all age women because it’s fun and reliable and best for every color outfit. Expertise says that the lighter shades of pink make fingers longer and slimmer. Bright pink nail color increases the beauty of whole hand.

  • Glittery Polishes

Shimmery nails also works well for aging hands pair the chunky glitter polishes with the metallic touch.

For women over age of 50 and 40 years these all are best nail polish colors, for party or casual these are best to wear. In this age natural nails are going dull so suitability is too much important.

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