Best Makeup Tips for Brown, Green Eyes

Surely, best makeup tips for brow, green eyes increase their attraction. Eyes have different colors just like brown, blue, green and black as well. First of all we talk about the makeup of brown eyes. Makeup tips for brown eyes: If you have brown eyes it’s very easy to makeup brown eyes .One good thing about brown eyes is that they look good with just about any eye shadow color, from light to dark. Depending on your shade of brown, there are certain colors that will complement your look better than others. One of the most important thing when following eye makeup tips for brown eyes is determining what shade of brown you have. There are different types of brown eyes and here we mention these types.

Deep brown eyes:

  • If your eyes are deep brown use medium to dark shades of eye shadow will work for you. Use grey, plum, green and forest colors. Gold and bronze is also a beautiful colors for dark brown eyes.

Medium brown eyes:

You can use green, violet or bronze colored eye shadows for medium brown eyes. A good thing for medium brown colored eyes, you can use any color of eye shadow. You can use purple or green eye shadow in day time for medium brown eyes.

Light brown eyes:

  • Apply gold or green color in eye shadow for light brown eyes and also use dark brown or any other color of eye liner instead of black eyeliner for light brown eyes. If your eyes are so light they are hazel, try champagne tones with violet, bronze or brown liner to define the eye, offers Nina.

Makeup tips for green eyes:

Now a days there are a huge colored range of eye shadow and when you are purchasing their eye shadows keep in mind their eyes colors because your eyes color also account as well. If you have green eyes follow these tips. Use purple color eye shadow on green eyes because purple is one of the opposite side of the color wheel from green. If you wants to your eye widen the look of close-set eyes apply deep plum shade color on green eyes.

Avoid purple color with blue undertones, as well as blue eye shadow and eye liner. A general role of thumb for green eyes is to choose warm shades vs. cooler shades. Choose mascara in a brown tone as well so the face does not look harsh or overpowered.

If you going any evening party you should use bronze, copper and gold color on your green eyes and also avoid silver color. Mostly women choose black eye liner but this is not perfect for green eyes. Always use chocolate brown or espresso liner every day.

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