Best Makeup Tips For African Americans Women

There is a very little range of cosmetic products available in the markets according to the skin type of African American women. So it becomes difficult for them to have best make up. Here we have suggested some of the make up tips exclusively African American with the help of which they can have ultimate look.

  • For darker skin tone, yellow based foundation is recommended. Don’t use too light foundation because it will give a chalky look. Foundation should evenly blend with the skin tone. If you cannot find the proper foundation according to your skin tone, you can mix a darker than skin color with the lighter color to get the perfect color according to skin tone.
  • Brown and copper color of blush or bronzer suits to the skin tone of African Americans. You can also apply a little but of slimmer on check bones which will highlight them.
  • Burgundy, brown, maroon, and dark pinks are the colors for lipsticks that will highly compliment the black skin. Apply a lip liner that is little dark than the color of lip stick or lip gloss to avoid a dark outline.
  • Metallic eye shadows with a shimmering effect are best to choose for African American skin. You can mix two darker tones like purple and copper to highlight your eyes.
  • Apply black or dark brown eye liner close to your lash line to highlight your eyes. Black mascara applied on your lashes can make them look stand out.
  • The skin tone does not matter more then the neat and healthy skin type. It is recommended for all African Americans to take proper care of your skin to have an even and neat glow on your skin which is necessary for smooth and long lasting make up.

Try the above mentioned tips to have an ultimate and glamorous look.

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