Best Makeup for Older Women with Wrinkles

Topic here one discuss is Best Makeup for Older Women with Wrinkles. Every woman wants makeup but do not know how to use cosmetic products properly. Makeup should be used according to your age and your face cut. A young girl can experiment all kinds of make over in accordance with the event or place where she is going but for teenage girls and older women, the light and natural makeup looks best. In this article we will show you all the steps in applying makeup that will make this task much easier and quicker for teenage girls and older women.

  • Wash your hands before touching your face. Cleanse your face with cleanser that is recommended by your dermatologist. Clean your face properly and pat it dry.
  • Before starting makeup, app sunscreen on your whole face. It will prevent pigmentation caused by sun exposure.
  • Apply concealer with the help of foundation brush. It should be lighter than your natural skin color. Apply it to cover the darker area around eyes and to hide pimples or sears.
  • Apply the foundation that suits to your skin tone and type. For girl with oily skin, acne-fighting mineral foundation is best choice. Dry skin type needs liquid moisturizing foundation. Old women with loose skin can go for skin tightening foundation.
  • Now it time for eye makeup. Brush your eye brows and fill in the gaps with brown pencil. Apply eye shadow of a light tone on your eyes to have a glowing look. Teenage girls can add shimmer to give shine to your eyes. Old women can use eye shadows of subtle colors like bronze, light brown and copper. A very thin line of an eye liner will suit both teenage girls and older women.
  • You can use gel or powder blush on your cheeks, the light pinks and brown will work well for both the age groups. Blend it well from cheekbone towards the centre of the ear.
  • Apply a lip balm on your lips. Find out the gloss that matches your skin tone and apply it on your lips. For a natural and glossy look, lip gloss is great. Its cool for girls going to school and adds a perfect glow to your finished look. Older women can use mat colored lip stick that suits to their natural lips. This will give them a graceful and decent look that is perfect for their age groups.

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