Best Make up Tips to Make Face Slimmer

Make up is a tool to hide the flaws of your face and have a desirable look. If you have ever get a chance to see a celebrity without make up, you will you will be surprised to know how magically the make up works in giving you a totally different look. Make up is the best thing to use for a slimmer look of your face. The point is to use it skillfully and intelligently. Following are the best make up tips to make your face slimmer.

  • Your eyebrows and their shape is the important element to give your face a slim or round look. To have a slim look do not have thick eyebrows. There should be an arch in the middle of the brow that will lift the face and you will have a slimmer look. Always apply a brow pencil in a darker tone than the natural color of your eyebrows that will highlight them.
  • The dark circles around eyes give a weighty and thick look to your face. Use make up to hide them. You can apply concealed on the area below eyes to hide the darkness and apply foundation on eyelid, blend it to have an even skin tone of your face. You can also apply a white eyeshade on the corners of eyes to highlight them in a beautiful way. It will give a thin look to your face.
  • Do not use a blush of red undertone that will give a heavier look to your face. Try blush with brown undertones. Apply it slightly under the cheekbone and blend it upward to the middle of the ear.
  • Big eyes give a slimmer look to your face. Try to enhance and highlight your eyes with liner and mascara. Use eye shadows according to the color of your eye ball. The more highlighted and beautiful your eyes look, the more attractive and slimmer your face would be.
  • Bronzer used with well trained hands can give a thin look to your face. Apply a light layer of bronzer on your jaw line to darken it and blend it with your make up. Apply a dark layer of bronzer under the jaw line that will draw the eyes of onlooker from the excessive weight of your neck.
  • You can apply the light highlighter on your nose, above check bone and forehead. It will make your face appear elongated. It will also give a lifted look.
  • Use a lighter pink shade of lipstick that will give a light look to your face. Dark lipsticks especially red color gives a weighty and heavy look.
  • Contour your face to look slimmer.

By following these make up tips, you can have a beautiful slim look in few minutes. It will make you fabulous and more confident.

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