Best Budget Tips for your Wedding- Have a Cheap Wedding

According to various surveys, the budget for weddings with the increase in wedding trends and traditions is being increased with every passing year. This can be a significant burden for those who need to pay the bills. But it should not be so painful. Here are some budget tips that you can follow to control extra expenses on your wedding and make it easily affordable.


Decide Your Priorities:

As everyone has his own ideas and dreams about wedding so before going into the details, the first thing is to communicate with your partner and set priorities for your wedding day. Decide what is most important to you for your wedding day. Decide what is most important to you for your wedding. You have to talk about location, decoration, food, invitation cards etc and than think of the budget.

Guest List:

The more the number of guests are, the larger the budget would be. So you have to invite limited and close guests to your wedding to maintain your budget.

Invitation Cards:

If you are good at graphic designing on computer, you can create your wedding invitations at home and save a lot of money and energy. In this way you will have your creative card designs with the economical budget.


It has become a fashion trend to hire an expensive wedding planner who decorates the wedding hall and church in an unaffordable range of expensive decorative material. You can save your money by becoming yourself the planner of your wedding. Consider your friends and family to decorate the wedding hall. Buy decoration material and decorate the location in your innovative way.


You have to survey properly before hiring a location for wedding. Go for the economical and good location at the same time. Do not have your wedding on Saturday because mostly the rates are high on Saturday.

Food and Drinks:

Food and drinks you select is one of the largest expenses of your wedding. Decide before hand that whether you want a buffet style meal serving or a formal sit down meal. Obviously the formal sit down meal will be more expensive because it needs extra staff of waiters to serve the meal. The servings before and after dinner also cost at least 20 to 30 dollars per person. You should consider cheaper appetizers and after dinner deserts. Drinks can also be extremely expensive, if you choose high quality alcohol, you can go for a cheaper range of drinks to save money.


Music is an important part of wedding. You have songs being played during the ceremony and also have all the musical entertainment in the repetition. There are many options regarding music. You can have live songs for that you have to hire a singer. You can also hire a DJ to play back to back songs throughout the reception or simply have big speakers and recorded CDs of songs to play on wedding. It depends completely on what you choose to control your budge.


Finally, you have to think about photographs. The photos taken are the best reminder of the memorable day. The photography and its expenses range from few hundred dollars to thousands dollars. So, consider the economical option.

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