Beauty, Makeup Tips for African American Black Teen Girls Dark Skin

This article features the skin and make up tips exclusively for black teen girls with dark skin. It will gear you up with knowledgeable information about the maintenance of Black teen girl skin and about the appropriate make up application according to your age and your skin complexion. Let us discuss skin care and make up separately.

Beauty Tips for Black Teenage Girls Regarding Skin Care:

There are not separate beauty tips for American African skin because when it comes to skin care, it is same for all colors because skin care is color blind. You have to consider your skin type not the color of your skin, while thinking of its care. All skin types and colors need basic things like cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating and toning. They also require sun screen for protection from damage.

Though, the basic skin care is same for all skin types and colors, there are some skin problems to which the black skin is more prone such as hyper pigmentation, scarring, ingrown hair and keloidal etc. So, you have to take more care of your skin than the white skinned people. For the clean and even tone, use skin lightening creams and lotions. Keep your skin moisturized and hydrated to have a healthy look.

Make up For Black Teenage Girls:

Make up for skin tone has quite different shades and colors as compared to the make up for fair skin. Here are some of the basic make up tips that teen black girls must consider when they think of applying make up for the first time.

  • Do not use the light color foundation or powder because it will not make you fair but will give your face a chalky look. Yellow tone for face works best for black skin. For uneven skin tone, mix 1 dark and 1 shade lighter than it to give an even effect.
  • Brown and copper colors in blush will compliment your skin tone. Avoid using pink and peach tones in blush.
  • Use earthy colors in lipsticks, brown and burgundy, maroon look good. Add some glamour with a lip gloss. For a nude youthful look, just apply a gloss with an outline of the color close to the color of gloss.

Metallic and shimmery eyes look good on African American skin. Use two contrasting shade like gold with purple or green. Use black or brown liner with black mascara too makes your eyes stand out but teen girls should only apply eye make up for weddings and parties. For casual look use liner and mascara

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