How to Apply Makeup to look Natural Beauty

Now a days, everybody know how to apply makeup but they don’t know how to apply makeup to look natural. Mostly women do many mistakes and apply a lot of makeup because they feel that heavy makeup look them more beautiful. Today this concept is changed and the young girls and women prefer to apply natural look makeup. People also like fresh and natural look makeup, this is not difficult but it required some technique and proper blending. Here we mention some tips for natural look makeup so follow these steps and get natural look skin.

Tips for Natural Looking Makeup:

These things are necessary for makeup to look natural

  • 1. Cleanser
  • 2. Moisturizer
  • 3. Foundation
  • 4. Powder
  • 5. Concealer
  • 6. Eye shadow
  • 7. Eye liner
  • 8. Mascara
  • 9. Blush
  • 10. Natural look lipstick

Step one. Cleanser:

First of all make sour that your face is clean and is ready for applying makeup. So for get clean face apply a best quality of cleansing milk.

Step two. Moisturizer:

  • After this apply a little bit of moisturizer according to your skin type.

Step three. Foundation:

Choose a beast quality of foundation and color according to your skin tone. Dab a few marks of foundation on your face and bled evenly on all over face.

Step four. Powder:

  • If your skin shiny uses an oil observing powder if required other than skip this step.

Step five .Concealer:

If you have dark circle and brown sports on face apply a thin layer of concealer and make sour the color of concealer is match with your skin tone. Apply a little amount of concealer and blend evenly.

Step six .Eye shadow:

  • Apply a natural color eye shadow just like gold, silver and brown. Remember one thing that always blend eye shadow well for natural look.

Step seven. Eye liner:

Use a gel base eye liner and apply a fine line of eye liner for natural look.

Step nine. Blush:

  • You should use cream base blush because it gives you a dewy look and lasts longer.

Step ten. Lipstick:

Apply lip stain because it looks natural instead of chalky lipsticks or shiny lip glosses. Here we mention all tips for applying natural looking makeup that helpful for natural beauty.

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