African American Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

 Tips and Ideas of African American Smokey Eye Makeup are helpful to wear this kind of makeup. Eyes are the sensitive organ of our whole face with the help of it we can see the beauty of nature and enjoy our color full life. Eyes for you precipitate beauty and you look charming without it you are incomplete and miss the beauty of nature so take much care of yourself and your eyes. Eyes are the major part of attraction on your face. Normally African has unique eye color as well as light blue, gray, dark brown or also green hazel color eyes and do must think before you applying color on your eyes. Because it has black color and choose color according to her color complexion. Mostly women and girls like to prefer smoky eye makeup and now here we also share with you African American Smokey Eye Makeup Tips Ideas.

In this style of eye makeup often use black or brown color hues. Makeup artists are doing different experiments and smoky eyes in one of them. In smoky eye make up use different styles just like cat eye style etc .On any special occasion if you want to look like mysterious and feminine carry smoky eye makeup. Below we share with you different styles of smoky eye makeup. If one can want to simple smoky eye make then choose light pink with brown shade.

For sapphire blue Smokey eye makeup you can use the combination of shimmery white, black and brown shades .You can choose bombshell Smokey eye makeup if you go with your boy friend on a date. For this makeup you required sassy green pigments with purple shades .Grey eye shadow color mixed with black and nude tones create soft and calm Smokey eyes. Beside this below we share with these ideas with pictures so that you easily understand Smokey eye makeup.

Cosmetic for eyes makeup:

  • Eye shadow kit
  • Liner
  • Cajole
  • Mascara
  • Eyelashes
  • Eye brushes

Applying Eyes makeup:

Every women love to apply makeup, and they have a craze for eyes makeup. Every women wants that she look beautiful than others. There are many types of fashion and styles that are why every season brought new trends and new type of makeup. With the help of eye makeup you look attractive, if you applying eye shadow in good manner.

  • Firstly, you must neat your skin with the help of face wash or any good quality cleanser.
  • You must clean your eyebrows and remove your extra hairs and make a proper shape of your eyebrows.
  • Make a coat of base on your eyes in proper way; recall you must apply a base before you apply any color on your face.
  • Mostly women doesn’t apply base when she apply color on the eyes that is the mistake.
  • When you do this so your makeup still remains long time.
  • Then apply eye shadow on your eyes any color which you want.
  • Take a color put into your eye ball mashed it properly.
  • If you want to apply double shaded color so you must do this also.
  • Then make a corner of your eyes with smoky color…and choose color as you want.
  • Apply liner the edge of your eyes and make it corner and rub it because it looks like a natural line.
  • Take mascara and apply on your eyelashes to be looking pretty.

Now you can apply makeup on your eyes to look more pretty more than others and hopefully after these ideas and tips one can wear African American Smokey Eye Makeup so try it at home.…….

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