African American Black Bridal Makeup Tutorial Step by Step

This article gives you the scoop on the best colors and shades for the skin tone of African American brides and also teaches how to properly apply the make up products to make you a gorgeous bride. Here is the step by step tutorial for African American bridal make up.

Application of Foundation:

To begin the make up the first thing is the application of foundation. Mostly the foundation with yellow undertones is recommanded for African American skin tone, but if you have very dark skin, you should choose the foundation with the slight blue cast, it will suit you the best. If you have a light toned skin then soft golden shade is best for you. For medium skin tone choose the foundation with a red- yellow hue.

The undertone of your face may vary at different areas. So it is good to have three shades of foundation at hand that is light, medium and dark. Most of the African American women have darker tones on chin and forehead. The cheeks are comparatively light. So, for the application of foundation to get an even skin tone follows the following steps:

  • Apply the lighter tone of foundation to lighten chin and forehead. Blend it gently on these areas.
  • Apply the medium shade of foundation all over the face and mix it well.
  • Now apply the dark shade on the cheeks Blend all the three shades to have an even look.
  • If you have pigmentation, scars or acne, use concealer before applying foundation

Blush and Bronzers:

The darker shades of blush or bronzer work well on African American skin tone like dark red, maroon, plum or currant. Do not use blush that gives a pale or ashy look.

  • Apply the blush shade with a brush. Begin it under a cheek bone and take it upward to the centre of the ear.


You can go for any dark lip color with dark skin tone. Burgundy, Blackberry and Maroon looks stunning on African American skin. If you have light skin tone, you can choose low voltage neutrals and glosses. Medium skin tone can look pretty with red color lipstick.

  • If your lower lip m is paler than the upper, apply a dark lipstick on the lower lip and combine both the lip.
  • Make an outline of the lips with a pencil little darker than the original color of lips.
  • Fill in the outline with your chosen color of lipsticks.

Eye Shadows:

Mostly the copper, gold and shades of purple suits well on dark skin.

  • Apply a lighter tone of shadow on your eye below the course line. A darker tone on the course. A lightest tone under the brows. Blend all the three tones.
  • Apply thick black or brown liners near the lash line and black mascara to enhance the thickness and shape of lashes,
  • Add a slightly shimmer on the outer corners that look good.

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