50’s Style Poodle Skirt Pattern Designs How to Make

In past some fashion are too much famous that will never forget for a long period of time like 50’s Style Poodle Skirt Pattern Designs. How to make these Poodle Skirt are also given there through which one can get help in order to make a new poodle skirt. Basically this type of skirt will introduce in 1950 in US by a local fashion designer. At that time they are designed these skirts for teenagers and then later on every girl prefer to make this skirt especially for function or any type of event. Later on majority of movies stars also wear these skirts. Now after passing such large period of time this fashion is alive in girls and now even women also wear these types of skirts. Moving toward that which type of skirts they are then at starts it is swing felt skirt displaying a design like included flamingos, flowers, and hot rod cars shows at front of fabric. At that time color of this skirt will pink and blue and their length are to till knee or just below it.

This is pattern when it will introduce and now as time passed as Poodle Skirt is also famous in women. So now there are not too many things changed, length is just going shirt in few new designs and some new colors are also introduce in some new pattern designs. Further process that how to Make these 50’s Style Poodle Skirt are given there.

How to Make Poodle Skirt:

  • In order to make poodle skirt Gather your material of skirt.
  • Fold your fabric in half by taking measurement.
  • Draw a semi-circle that is half of ‘W’ in the center of the folded line.
  • Measure out from the edge of this semi-circle the desired length of your skirt ‘L’, and draw in a bigger semi-circle.

Cutting the Fabric and Assembling the Skirt:

  • Cut your fabric following these semi-circles, making sure to cut both layers
  • Cut in such a way that the bottom of the skirt by rolling one inch of fabric under to hide the cut edge.
  • Fold over 1″ at the waistband and stitch close to the cut edge, so it creates a 1″ channel.
  • Thread some elastic into this gap, around the channel, and out the gap again
  • Stitch the two ends of the elastic together and close the gap in the waistband.
  • Make a small poodle out of black or white felt and sew it on

Length of these Poodle Skirt Pattern Designs is upto you that how much height one need to make their dresses. Originally it will little down to knee or slightly up from it. Further you also try to make it at home but must take help from an experienced person that will must helpful.

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