3 Amazing Miracle Masks You Can Make at Home

Clear, soft, glowing and shinning skin is the sign of your internal and external care. But sometime its difficult to maintain skin tone due to some reason like weather, stress, sun exposure, bad eating habit and many more. There are many homemade remedies which are perfect for skin and easy to apply and their results are amazing. The topic we discuss here3 Amazing miracle masks you can make at home. Masks are available in different types and use for several problems. Here we mention 3 amazing miracle masks for you.

1. Acne Miracle Mask

Here we tell you a most amazing mask for the common problem of acne. Every young person effect this problem and wants to get rid of instantly, so this mask is so effective.

Required Ingredients

Honey 2 tbsp

Nutmeg 2tbsp

Milk 2 tsp


Mix all above ingredients in a clean bowl and mix the all ingredients very well. After this apply this mixture on face and leave it for 15 minutes.

2. Clay Mask

The mask here we share with you very popular named Multani clay. This mask is best to clean up excess oil from face. Beside this there are several types of cosmetic clay mask and it gives your skin nourishment, remove dead skin cells.


Multani clay


Rose water as required


Take above two ingredients and mix well together and make a paste. Apply this paste for 15 minutes until dried. When mask dry wash off with water and pet dry.

3. Green Tea Mask

This mask is perfect for younger looking and fresh skin. This is the natural source of anti-oxidant and works well on oily skin, closed open pore and give a natural glow.


Green tea

Water or curd as required

Mix green tea with water or curd and make a paste. After this scrub this paste gently on your face for 5 minutes and wash with warm water.

This is a place here we mention top 3 Mire cal mask which are effective for your skin and give you a natural glow .One’s can use these mask according to their skin problems and get an amazing result. So keep in touch with this page for more detail.


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